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How to Boost Course Engagement and Completion Rates

If you've got a talent you want to teach the world, now is the perfect time to create a course! But just about any kind of course won't work. You need to know exactly how to structure your course to ensure sales. This course is designed to teach you exactly that! eLearning is gaining phenomenal momentum recently — but not everyone who buys a course will complete it. This typically ends up lowering the rating of your course, and as a result, fewer people are likely to buy it. So, you need to ensure that your course completion rate is considerably high in order to succeed as an online course creator. In this course, we will take you through the physiology of the human brain to understand the triggers you need to hit in order to create engaging courses that people will complete. Here's a look at what will be covered: - Physiology of the Human Brain - The Desire Trigger - The Progress Trigger - The Human Trigger - Course Rewards - Engagement Rewards - Attention Trigger Sign up now and learn how to succeed at online course creation in no time!
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